Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hilinaʻiʻs Walk 2011


We would like to start by saying thank you. Last year with your support we were able to raise enough funds to enroll Hilina’i into Variety School for the entire academic year. The progress she has made during the past year has been tremendous. Without your support this would not have been possible. Thank you for taking the time to help make a difference in our daughter’s life.

To see the progress she has made over the year has been incredible. The one area we can see the most difference is her speech development. In the past her vocabulary was very limited and she would stutter and hit herself in the head out of frustration when she could not communicate her thoughts and feelings to others. Today she is doing much better. With the services she is receiving at Variety she is able to communicate with others and express her thoughts and feelings in complete sentences. Her stuttering is gone and she does not hit herself out of frustration anymore. She is continues to surprise me with her vocabulary during our daily conversations on our way to school.

Her overall experience at Variety School has been great. Hilina’i loves her classmates, enjoys working with the teachers and therapists, and most importantly enjoys going to school everyday. I remember the first day we took her to school for observation. She was very hesitant about entering her new school. She clung to us and would not let go. We thought it would be a long day for all of us. But after only 15 minutes interacting with some of the teachers and therapist in the Physical Therapy room she was laughing and enjoying herself in her new setting. After the observation while we were walking to the car she grabbed my hand and said “daddy I love this school”. That sealed the deal.

We will continue to do whatever is needed to make sure she is able to attend Variety School and receive the services she needs.

Hilina’i continues to be driving force in our lives. Despite the daily challenges that come her way she never complains and continues to be a very loving and caring person. She is truly special, filled with love and compassion for others and is a shining light in our lives.

On Saturday June 18 we will be doing another walk for Hilina’i. The walk will be from Hau’ula Elementary to Variety school. All proceeds will go towards her special needs services and education at Variety. In addition, a donation will be made to help other children.

Hilina’i is our hero, our inspiration and motivation to be the best that we can be.

We would deeply appreciate any help promoting this event or donations. If you have any questions please contact us.

In Strength,

Tommy Heffernan

808 271 9060

Donations can be sent to:

Hilinaʻi Heffernan at 45-212 Makahio St. Kaneʻohe HI, 96744

or deposited at American Savings Bank "Friends of Hilinaʻi Heffernan"