Sunday, June 17, 2012

3rd Annual Hilinaʻiʻs Walk - June 29-30th, 2012


Aloha everyone! I hope you and your family are doing well and enjoying the summer.  On Friday, June 29, 2012 we will be having our 3rd Annual Hilina’i Walk to raise funds for her to continue her education at Variety School and help with medical and theraputic services. In addition, we hope to raise awareness for all the special needs children in Hawaii. 
This year we will begin our walk from Variety school, located near the base of Diamond Head, and end at Hau’ula Beach Park approximately 40 miles away. The walk will begin on Friday evening and end some time on Saturday!   We hope the change will give us new energy as we cross through the Ko’olau Mountains down into the windward side of the island.

            Hilina’i is continuing to improve in her life skills and is showing more signs of independence.  She is beginning to ask to do things on her own like making her own cereal in the morning for breakfast and going to the restroom on her own when we are out in public.  Last week Hilina’i led the prayer for dinner on my son, Ho’omana’s birthday (May 31).  You cannot imagine how proud we were of her at that moment.
            Last month I was able to attend a field trip with her and her class to Camp Erdman.  Leading up to the field trip Hilinaʻi was very exited to ride the bus, and couldn’t stop talking about it.  At the camp, we went on a hike that I thought would be a simple walk around the campground and pose little difficulty.  Instead, we went on a 45 minute hike up the side of the mountain through bushes and over rocks, which was very difficult for Hilina’i because of her balance and knee problems.  I asked her on several occasions if she would like to stop and go back down, but she refused and wanted to continue with the rest of her classmates because she wanted to be with them when they reached the top.  In the end, although we were last, we completed the hike pushing through the brush and over the rocks walking hand in hand or carrying her on my back, we made it to the top and back down.  I was truly amazed at her determination to finish what we had started.   This epitomizes her fighting spirit that inspires me daily.
Hilinaʻi, Hoʻomana, and baby Halaʻi
            Hilina’i is also enjoying her new role as a big sister, or “Tita”, to our newest addition to the family, Hala’i, who just made 9 months.  She enjoys talking to her and holding her on her lap while we are in the yard.   Hala’i has been a true blessing for Hilina’i.
            Hilina’i loves her school, her classmates, and the teachers at Variety.  She has made great strides in her personal development over the past two years.  They provide a great learning environment that she truly enjoys.  Although the tuition and commute has been difficult for our family, we are committed to providing the best learning environment for her.  

We would appreciate your assistance in promoting this event. If you need more information or would like to donate feel free to contact me at: or send donations to:

                                                      Hilinaʻi Heffernan
                                                      45-212 Makahio St
                                                      Kaneʻohe, HI 96744
In strength,
Tommy Heffernan