Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hilinaʻiʻs Walk 2013

Aloha Everyone!

We hope you are all doing well!  We are getting ready to embark on the 4th Annual Hilinaʻiʻs Walk, from Hauʻula to Diamond Head (approximately 37 miles).  The walk will take place on Friday, July 26th.  We hope to raise funds for Hilinaʻi to continue her education and receiving services at Variety School, for special needs children and also to promote advocacy for special needs children in Hawaiʻi.  

It seems like only a short while ago, we held the inaugural walk for Hilinaʻi.  With your help, she has been able to attend Variety School for the past three years.  Hilinaʻi loves her school very much and when we ask her what she likes about her school, she says, "my classmates and my teachers".  Variety is a place of healing for Hilinaʻi, a place where she can grow and learn in a safe nurturing environment.  Although Hilinaʻi is challenged academically, I can see the confidence she has developed and the progress sheʻs made.  Despite her hearing challenges, sheʻs made great strides in developing her speech skills.

Last October, Hilinaʻi underwent a surgery to correct some of her hearing issues.  What doctors thought would be a one hour surgery, turned to four, as they had found the infection spread near nerves in her inner ear.  The Cholesteatoma surgery went well, but the infection took one of the bones in her ear, which makes it almost impossible to hear out of that ear.  A follow up surgery will be scheduled this year to ensure they got all of the disease.  Her ear condition impacted one of her most favorite pass times...swimming. We hope to resolve this issue soon so she can resume swimming with her classmates at Variety.

Hilinaʻi also loves riding bike!  Her 3 wheel bike makes for a more stable ride as she navigates the neighborhood independently.  Mana and the other neighborhood kids ride with her and they have a little bike gang on Makahio st.  

We thank you for the tremendous support youʻve given us over the years.  We understand that times are difficult for everyone, but if you would consider assisting, weʻd be very grateful.  Hilinaʻi would not have had the opportunity to attend Variety School if not for your kindness and support.

Me ke haʻahaʻa, 
Tommy & family